Red Storm / Krupp Steel was a scenario that ran in Aces High in October, 2009. The basic motivation was to have a scenario based on the Eastern Front battle between the Germans and the Soviets in January-February, 1945.

Event Description

Pictorial After-Action Reports:

Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4

Summary of Frames:

1: GL of 229 IAD in La-5FN; 3 kills (two FW 190D-9's, one Bf 109K-4), 7 ground objects destroyed; bailed once and landed other.
2: GL of 229 IAD in La-5FN; 6 kills (four Ju 88A-4's, two Bf 109K-4's), 7 ground objects destroyed; shot down once and landed other.
3: GL of 229 IAD in La-5FN; 4 kills (Ju 88A-4's), 3 assists (Ju 88A-4's), destroyed 6 ground objects; landed.
4: GL of 229 IAD in La-5FN; 1 kill (FW 190F-8), 1 assist (Bf 109G-6), destroyed 7 ground objects; ditched once and landed other.

by Brooke P. Anderson

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