The Battle of the Dnieper

"The Battle of the Dnieper" was a scenario that ran in Aces High starting in June, 2016. The basic motivation was to have a scenario based on The Battle of the Dnieper on the Eastern Front in 1943.

Event description.

Frame 1:

7 GShAP taking off.

Our first bomb run.

We attack the city on mission 2.

FW 190F-8's chase us down on our way back from mission 2.

6th attack, on town that was already hit.

7th attack, try to fight our way in.

Final attack and fight.

Frame 2:

Mission 2: 7 GShAP, hitting a52 town.

During egress on Mission 2, trying to help with a couple of enemy fighters. Hey, I thought Il-2's were supposed to be sturdy! Sorry, ROC. :(

Mission 3, bombing a52 town. Yikes! Enemy swarm!.

Our last mission, wherein the noble gentlemen of 7 GShAP are seen to engage in multiple attack runs.

Frame 3:

"A tale of two massacres." 7 GShAP goes in on target. As the initial wave of guys goes in, Luftwaffe fighters launches from the nearby airfield.  A large number of friendly fighters announce that they are racing in, and two of us Il-2's are able to stay up high.  The Luftwaffe fighters are soon destroyed, and we go in to attack the town.

Frame 4:

Mission 1. We hit the enemy city but get chased down by enemy fighters on our way back.

The Il-2's of 7 GShAP get to our city to look for Ju 88's. I attack a formation of them coming in.

What are the odds? 7 GShAP, out in the middle of nowhere, runs right into the FW 190F's of SG 2 coming the other way.

7 GShAP's last glorious mission. We plastered the town, and I ended up as the sole survivor.


by Brooke P. Anderson

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