Operation Downfall

Picture from cockpit of Ki-67's in formation.  From  http://www.ijaafpics.com/JB&W2/Ki-67-59.jpgF4U launching rockets at ground targets at Okinawa.  From http://www.archives.gov/research/ww2/photos/images/ww2-157.jpg

Operation Downfall was a scenario that ran in Aces High in July, 2006. The basic motivation was to have a scenario based on the planned allied invasion of Japan in late 1945. It pitted a large number of allied carrier task groups, with late-war US Navy aircraft, late-war USAAF fighters, and B-24's against late-war Japanese aircraft and a small number of Me 262's, Me 163's, and Ar 234's.

Event Description

Frame 1 Pictorial
Frame 2 Pictorial

Frame 1 After-Action Report
Frame 2 After-Action Report

Summary of Frames:

1. Pilot in Hiryu Sentai, in Ki-67 3 times, 0 ships hit, 0 enemies shot down, returned to base 1 time, killed 1 time, bailed 1 time.
2. Pilot in Hiryu Sentai, in Ki-67 3 times, 3 ships hit, 2 kills, returned to base.

Copy of actual Operation Downfall strategic plan document: http://carlisle-www.army.mil/cgi-bin/usamhi/DL/showdoc.pl?docnum=20
Wikipedia entry on Operation Downfall: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Downfall

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